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Rotation of partners as an infusion of self-confidence

“Casual sex and short-term love allow women to test their ‘market value’ and assess how desirable partners are. These women are just looking for someone else’s opinion of themselves, “says the Peas. In other words, if a woman has a healthy self-confidence, she usually does not need to prove her worth by packing the biggest handsome man in the room. On the other hand, who wouldn’t be flattered, would they?

Bed test

“Today’s women who enjoy casual sex are not at risk of being rejected by society as they have been in the past. An occasional relationship gives a woman time to test the man’s attractiveness, compatibility and potential for a more lasting relationship, “Peas writes. And if the lover proves unsatisfactory, he will be replaced by another… Until we come across one that is worth staying with.

Gaining benefits

Psychologist David Buss of the University of Texas at Austin found that women expect a partner’s generosity at the beginning of short-term romances: all sorts of presents, dinners, attention… And it can also be a motivation to establish new and new relationships. On the other hand, if, according to Calgary Escort, we are looking for a permanent partner, we care more about understanding, empathy and kind behavior than on material pleasures.

Oh, that nature

It is proven that during the period of ovulation, a different type of men “smells” to us than for the rest of the cycle. And also during this period we more often throw ourselves into non-binding pleasures. “The fourth reason why women have casual sex may be a subconscious effort to get better genes for their children,” they explain to Peas.

What do men crave in sex? That will surprise you! Unconsciously, during this period we choose men who are strongly physically attracted to us because they carry the opposite genetic information than we do - our potential offspring would be a perfect mix. But we are usually completely incompatible with such a man in everyday life, so when ovulation ends and we look at our Adonis with sober eyes, we usually send him to the water.

But whether we change partners for whatever reason, one thing is important - how we feel. If the love hurricane suits you, there is no reason to change anything. But if after another week’s acquaintance you fall into despair and feel under the dog, it may be good to take a break.

Because whether you meet the love of your life in a week, a year, or not at all, you will have to live with one person for the rest of your life: with yourself.