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Rotation of partners as an infusion of self-confidence

“Casual sex and short-term love allow women to test their ‘market value’ and assess how desirable partners are. These women are just looking for someone else’s opinion of themselves, “says the Peas. In other words, if a woman has a healthy self-confidence, she usually does not need to prove her worth by packing the biggest handsome man in the room. On the other hand, who wouldn’t be flattered, would they?

Bed test

“Today’s women who enjoy casual sex are not at risk of being rejected by society as they have been in the past. An occasional relationship gives a woman time to test the man’s attractiveness, compatibility and potential for a more lasting relationship, “Peas writes. And if the lover proves unsatisfactory, he will be replaced by another… Until we come across one that is worth staying with.

Gaining benefits

Psychologist David Buss of the University of Texas at Austin found that women expect a partner’s generosity at the beginning of short-term romances: all sorts of presents, dinners, attention… And it can also be a motivation to establish new and new relationships. On the other hand, if, according to Calgary Escort, we are looking for a permanent partner, we care more about understanding, empathy and kind behavior than on material pleasures.

Oh, that nature

It is proven that during the period of ovulation, a different type of men “smells” to us than for the rest of the cycle. And also during this period we more often throw ourselves into non-binding pleasures. “The fourth reason why women have casual sex may be a subconscious effort to get better genes for their children,” they explain to Peas.

What do men crave in sex? That will surprise you! Unconsciously, during this period we choose men who are strongly physically attracted to us because they carry the opposite genetic information than we do - our potential offspring would be a perfect mix. But we are usually completely incompatible with such a man in everyday life, so when ovulation ends and we look at our Adonis with sober eyes, we usually send him to the water.

But whether we change partners for whatever reason, one thing is important - how we feel. If the love hurricane suits you, there is no reason to change anything. But if after another week’s acquaintance you fall into despair and feel under the dog, it may be good to take a break.

Because whether you meet the love of your life in a week, a year, or not at all, you will have to live with one person for the rest of your life: with yourself.

Are we promiscuous or are we just looking for love? How many partners are already too many

When you’re over thirty and you’re single, you’ve probably had more than a small number of men taking turns in your bed. But is it even possible to say how much is too much?

“You two should really think about each other,” one evening our mutual friend, a five-year-old relationship at the time, told me and my friend Klára. Her fragile soul has failed to process our stories of men who have passed through our lives in recent months.

I won’t lie, there weren’t many of them. We’ve both been singles for a while and we haven’t seen each other in a long time, so we had more than enough spicy material to disassemble.

But a smile froze at her words. We really thought - honestly, until then, it never occurred to us that our love “pace” could offend anyone, not just our age-old friend.

Do we really behave promiscuously when the length of our last romances roughly corresponds to the shelf life of the milk you leave standing in the fridge after opening? Or is changing partners more of a “by-product” of finding the real relationship we want to be rooted in?

If you are a single woman in your thirties and you do not live like a nun, a smaller or larger crowd of exiles will probably remain behind you on your love trail. Which may sound pretty scary. On the other hand, have you ever tried to calculate your “love average”? So deliberately.

Add up all your partners and divide them by the length of your sex life. What result did you come up with? I did such a small private survey, and most of the women who were willing to talk about it were about one man for half a year. It is not so important that the intervals between individual experiences are sometimes longer and sometimes shorter…

However, it is true that the number of sexual partners among women has been rising in recent years. The image of a sower man and a girl as a cuddly flower turns out to be a cliché.

Recently, for example, a 21-year-old student survey was conducted in the United Kingdom. While the men confessed to having sex with seven girls, their peers said they slept with an average of nine men. And morals are far from being released only west of our borders. According to Ottawa Escort, Canadian women are among the fourth most promiscuous in the world.

Why are today’s women increasingly willing to let men go to bed? Undoubtedly, emancipation plays a big role in this - why don’t we indulge in the same pleasure as men? But can we approach sex as coldly as they do?

Sure, there are lionesses of salons that are only about physical pleasure, but usually for us, sex carries with it a higher level of emotional load than the average scalp hunter experiences in the morning. According to proponents of evolutionary theory, gentlemen are simply programmed for promiscuity, the more partners they take, the more potential offspring they can produce. But us?

Eight ways to get rid of nervousness before sex “The behavior of some women today may give the illusion that their motives for casual sex are similar to men, but this is not the case. Women seek sex purely for physical satisfaction only when they have high testosterone levels (this affects less than 20% of women), or during ovulation, when their body is looking for the right man with the best genes. If a person only wants physical sex, they must have high testosterone levels, which most women rarely do. It is always high in men. Women have deeper motives, “writes Barbara and Allan Peas in the book Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love.

So what are these motives? He says to Peas: “There are four main reasons why women indulge in casual sex: to increase self-confidence, to judge a man as a long-term partner, to gain some benefits, or for better genes.” What exactly does he mean?

Seven scientifically based tricks on how to be attractive to men

You are not a male-born woman, but would you like to change that? We have good news for you - you don’t have to have a figure like a top model, waist hair and breasts smothering. Just know how to help nature. Scientists have already researched it for you.

Take care of your skin and hair

One thing is clear - the most important thing must be seen at a glance. Since ancient times, men encoded in genes have been fascinated by women teeming with youth and health, as these were the ideal mothers for the successors of the family.

The health aspect of female beauty is reminded, for example, by a study by a scientific team from the Escort Adelaide. According to her, delicate skin (similar to nice teeth or shiny thick hair) is the main factor of general attractiveness, because it is a clear proof of good health.

“The human face provides others with a lot of information about its wearer, such as its age, personality traits, current health, hormonal dispositions,” says Gabriela Štěrbová, a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, in the bachelor’s thesis.

“Hair can affect how others perceive facial features (for example, by covering some peripheral parts of the face), but they can also have some telling value in themselves, for example about health,” he adds.

Curls play an important role in how you make an impression at first glance. The most attractive for men are long hair.

“From the point of view of evolutionary theories, we can point out in particular that the signs of youth are generally preferred. In women, this is related to their reproductive value, which decreases with age, ”explains Štěrbová. According to Escort Brisbane, long hair may also have been a sign of sexual maturity in the distant past.

However, because with increasing age due to hormonal changes, the quality of curls and their thinning deteriorates in most women, it is definitely advisable not to insist on a “princess” look for life.

Consult a hairdresser or hair stylist about a cut suitable for your hair, do not overdo it with styling preparations, on the contrary, pay sufficient attention to your mane, including quality nutrition and proper lifestyle.

Also, regularly give your skin the best possible care, hydrate, nourish and do not underestimate its cleansing. It will reward you with a radiant appearance and by becoming a magnet for men’s eyes.

Get a red lipstick

Every woman should have a deep red rose in her “hunting” arsenal. Yes, even you who do not tolerate striking make-up. According to Escort Cairns from the University of Manchester, the lips are the most attractive and exciting part of a woman’s body. Especially if they are highlighted with red lipstick.

It was found that if a woman used decorative cosmetics, most of the first ten seconds devoted to looking at her face were stared at by men. If she used pink lipstick, it is on average 6.7 seconds, red will interest them even for 7.3 seconds. The woman’s eyes then attract men’s interest for only 0.95 seconds and devote only 0.85 seconds to her hair.

Bet on contact lenses

Maybe you’ve spent an amount equal to your monthly salary on your eyeglasses and you’re sure you look good and look more intellectual in them. But try a small test anyway.

The next time you go to a party or just have a drink with friends, put on contact lenses. Even a study published in the Swiss Journal of Psychology from 2011 endorses the bearded stereotype that people in glasses are less attractive to their surroundings than those of “prostitutes”.

Among other things, she confirmed that people in glasses look more trustworthy and intelligent, but they are perceived as less attractive. An exception, however, are glasses without rims, which allegedly do not reduce the attractiveness.

Put on high heel shoes

We know that in sneakers or oxfords it is much more comfortable for you to do your daily duties, your legs do not hurt and you do not suffer from bruises. But vain glory, heels are heels.

It doesn’t have to be fifteen centimeters, but the needles are simply the most. They increase not only your sex appeal, but also their attractiveness, as psychologists Paul Morris, Jenny White, Edward Morrison and Kayleigh Fisher from the Escort Darwin in the Australia have noticed. According to them, walking on high heels emphasizes the difference between women’s walking, which is even more “feminine” in these shoes.

Show off your hips

Even if you think it’s like Escort Melbourne, you have it as a wardrobe. Wear clothing that emphasizes the curves of your body, especially your waist and hips, and show them off while walking.

A study conducted at the Escort Newcastle examined the connection between walking style and attraction with the help of 700 participants. Among other things, they concluded that women, who accompanied their steps with wavy movements of the hips, were more attractive than those with austere gait.

Other research confirms the fact that an hourglass-like figure is the absolute number one for men. The ideal ratio of waist to hips is considered to be 0.67 to 0.7 (you can get this number simply by dividing the waist circumference by the hips). According to evolutionary psychologists, this type of character is a promise of good health and fertility.

And most importantly, don’t overdo it with diets! According to a study published in The Telegraph in 2009, men prefer “only hand, only foot” to extra slender women. They are said to be much more attractive.